Work Smarter, Not Harder Webinar Q&A

During the last Now Micro and Secunia sponsored webinar, our hosts, Nash Pherson and Ryan Ephgrave, got so many requests during their recent webinar, that we decided to put the most popular questions together into one post to share with everyone!

Question 1
Can I specify a port for the WOL UDP packet? Can we use a WOL proxy or web service? WOL in my environment must be sent from the SCCM server or a few MP’s and is not on the standard WOL port.

Answer: You can specify a port in the right click tool configuration utility. This can be accessed through the WOL Collection tool’s file menu. There is currently no support for WOL proxy or web service, though Now Micro is looking to add that feature in the future.

Question 2
How about within Assets and Compliance? Can I see what Container an individual server/workstation is in?

Answer: You can see that information now through the console. In the properties of a device or user, it gives the distinguished name which shows what OU it is in.

Question 3
What requirements are needed for the Now Micro Right Click Tools to operate correctly?

Answer: All of the Now Micro Right Click Tools need .Net 4.5 and Powershell 3 to work properly.  Almost all of the tools use remote WMI, so the firewall has to allow it. The shutdown tool and interactive command prompt require psexec to already be on the computer. The tool will prompt you for the location if it is not already known. A handful of tools also require remote registry be enabled on the computer.

Question 4
Can we revise the old working package, if found that the new revision is broken?

Answer: Packages don’t retain revision histories, so that will not work. Also, the tool doesn’t support going back to an older version right now, so you’ll still have to use the Microsoft Revision History tool to revert back.

Question 5
If you have an older version of the Right Click Tools installed, how do you upgrade to the current version?

Answer: If you have an older version of the Now Micro Right Click Tools, or Powershell Right Click Tools, you’ll just need to install the newest version. The installer should take care of removing the old tools. If you have another pack installed from someone else, you will need to follow their uninstall procedures. You can download the latest version here.

Question 6
For the apps/packages you can install via the RCT, will only available deployments to the machine be listed?

Answer: The tools get their list of applications directly from the client, so they will only show deployments the client knows about. If you have removed a deployment and the client hasn’t done a machine policy update yet, it will still show in the list.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Now Micro and Secunia’s Work Smarter, Not Harder webinar. For more information on Now Micro’s Right Click Tools or to submit a request for additional features, please contact us here.

For more information about Secunia’s patch management solution, Corporate Software Inspector (CSI), please click here.