How to save time using Status Messages

Status messages are a great tool for Configuration Manager Administrators, but they are hardly ever used. Many times it is much easier to get information on a problem through log files than figuring out a good status message query and running it for the information. Recast RCT Enterprise helps Configuration Manager Administrators easily access status messages tools where they make sense to decrease troubleshooting times of problems. Watch the video to see how Recast RCT Enterprise can help you troubleshoot Task Sequence problems quickly without ever having to look at a smsts log file:

Titled: Recast Status Messages: Troubleshooting Task Sequences

What are Status Messages

Status messages have been around since the SMS days and exist today for many of the legacy functions of Configuration Manager. Status messages can be very detailed, for instance Package Deployments send status messages at every step of the deployment, or they can simply register that a change happened without much detail. The trick is figuring out when it makes sense to use status messages to troubleshoot a problem and when to go to log files. A rule I follow is if the feature existed in SCCM 2007, there will probably be detailed status messages. Features added in CM 2012 tend to use the new State Message feature, which does not give us nearly as much information.

The status messages Recast RCT Enterprise exposes can help fix these problems:

  • Track what each administrator does in Configuration Manager.
    • You can quickly see who modified a setting, or who deleted an object with these tools
  • View discovery information to see when new objects are discovered
  • View Software Update sync progress right from the console to know where it is at in the process
  • View Offline Servicing progress. You’ll get much more detail other than “In Progress”
  • View Task Sequence step progress in real time as each Task Sequence is in progress.
  • View Package Deployment information as each computer goes through the package install process
    • You’ll see when content starts and finishes downloading and when the install starts, in real time.

For a complete list of status message types in Recast RCT Enterprise, view the Status Message page on the wiki.