Recast Query Tool simplifies ConfigMgr data retrieval

The Recast Query Tool is an exciting new feature in Recast RCT Enterprise 1.1 which extends the Query node in the ConfigMgr console.  The new Query Tool lets users avoid some of the shortcomings of the console’s built-in functionality and adds useful features.
Take a look at this short video to get the full overview of all the new and improved features you receive with the Recast Query Tool:

Some of the awesome things with the new Query Tool are:

  • Retrieve and sort results more quickly than the ConfigMgr console queries
  • Large queries will not lock up the ConfigMgr console
  • Run right click tools on one or more results
  • Copy/paste includes the column names
  • Quickly change the query on the fly to:
    • Limit the results to a collection
    • Enter and change prompted parameters
    • Edit the raw WQL query text

How to launch the Query Tool:


The Query Tool in action:
Query Tool Action