Recast RCT Enterprise: My Favorite Features

These features were created in order to increase the usability of ConfigMgr by making key tools more accessible. I wanted to share five of my favorite features that can be found in the Recast RCT Enterprise 1.1 release.

1) Status Message Queries
While ConfigMgr has status message queries built in, they are not very user friendly which makes people only use them as a last resort. This hinders many technicians troubleshooting by not using the best log for the job. Recast RCT Enterprise adds query options all over ConfigMgr so they are easily accessible when they are needed.

2) Content Tools
One of the problems many ConfigMgr admins troubleshoot are problems with content. ConfigMgr keeps all the content information in the Monitoring tab, but what if you want to view all the content on a DP, or all the content in a Task Sequence? Recast brings content tools where they are needed and gives you the ability to quickly see all the relevant information for content and perform actions based on that information.

3) Lab Manager
Many organizations have labs or kiosks that need a specific configuration. Recast RCT Enterprise’s newest feature allows ConfigMgr admins to configure those computers exactly how they need to be by setting up a profile and applying it to the lab. There are a number of configurations you can do including auto logon, replacing the shell, setting the volume, and white listing websites.

4) Audit Log
In our commitment to securing right click tools, we decided to add an audit log so all actions can be tracked. ConfigMgr admins can now see who performed what action to track down any issues that might of been caused by the tools.

5) Permissions
There are many times when right click tool users shouldn’t have access to specific tools. Now, permissions can be set on a per-user basis to ensure the right tools are being used by the right people.