Webinar Recap: Recast RCT Enterprise 1.1

The Recast RCT Enterprise version 1.1 webinar presented some of the latest key features that make the tool such an invaluable administrative asset for Configuration Managers.  These updates and new features were inspired by conversations with enterprise level administrators to help them manage devices quickly and effectively.  The latest release provides administrators the security measures they need, the data they want and the means to take swift, deliberate action once they find what they are looking for.

Many IT administrators from education environments have told us how computerized testing is quickly becoming the industry standard, so we created Lab Manager. Ryan Ephgrave discussed how Lab Manager was created to reduce the time IT teams spend manually reconfiguring student devices and to give administrators the ability to configure collections of devices weeks in advance. It keeps true to our theme of simplifying Configuration Manager actions and helping administrators stay one step ahead.

Administrators are oftentimes frustrated by how long it takes to find the data they need.  To alleviate this issue, Status Messages were added in 20 places throughout RCT Enterprise. The original RCT Free author, Ryan Ephgrave, detailed how having Status Messages for task sequences, package deployments and software update groups helps administrators find out what went wrong and how to fix it. By having access to Status Messages in 20 console locations, we’ve made sure that administrators stay in-the-know.

A common grumbling of the ConfigMgr community centered around the slow, cumbersome queries node. Our very own Microsoft MVP, Nash Pherson, outlined our solution: a refined querying tool outfitted with a customizable interface that allows administrators to edit data on-the-fly and limit their data to a particular collection. This feature provides administrators fast, actionable data.

Allowing administrators to incorporate their own tools is something we’ve always pushed for. Chris Muster, Senior Systems Consultant, touched on the way Recast RCT Enterprise enables administrators to run their own custom PowerShell scripts from their desktop, phone or tablet. We took this a step further and incorporated all of the original Recast RCT Free tools into our mobile application. We wanted to empower administrators by allowing them to work on-the-go, so we created a mobile interface that looks and feels like the ConfigMgr console they are familiar with.  The mobile version is compatible for iOS, Android and Windows mobile.

The fully licensed RCT Enterprise and the RCT Free have been enhanced since their initial introduction as the right click tools. Many of the version 1.1 features were inspired by administrator feedback.  The Recast website and wiki have been updated to provide the most resent information about the RCT Enterprise features. To learn more about the features visit our YouTube page to, watch the full webinar Recast Enterprise 1.1 or feature specific videos.

If you have any questions contact recast@nowmicro.com