DICE Portal Overview

What is the DICE Portal?
The Now Micro DICE Portal is an interactive web interface based on our Device Information Collector Engine (DICE) software. DICE is a solution created at Now Micro to automate data collection of hardware and order information for devices we sell. Historically, when customers wanted information about the devices they had purchased from us, that information had to be manually collected and aggregated into a spreadsheet. The DICE Portal allows our customers direct access to the data collected about their purchases.


A view of the DICE Portal including some of the main data fields that are available.

 Main Benefits?
The DICE Portal has many advantages and features to automate and streamline asset management and supplement information that an organization might already use. Three major benefits of using the DICE Portal include:
Up-to-date and extensive information on products purchased.

  • Up-to-date and extensive information on products purchased.

The DICE Portal is updated in real-time whenever a device enters production, allowing customers to stay up-to-date on their current and past orders. The information collected includes detailed hardware information and order information including warranty, production date, and other useful data.

  • Flexible and easy to use interface that provides customized information.

The web-interface displays a simple table that can be customized extensively by the user to narrow down collected information to relevant details through searching, filtering, column toggles, column reordering, column sorting, and paging.

  • Quick and adaptable exporting of data to be used in a variety of applications.

Custom datasets can be easily exported in one click to a CSV file that can then be viewed in programs like Excel or imported into other management systems.

  • API access to device information through REST and SOAP interfaces.

DICE Portal information can be directly accessed via REST and SOAP API’s to allow direct integration with compatible systems to supplement your internal device management.


A view of a customized dataset created in the DICE Portal. (Filter Model to “Desktop”, filter Processor to “Quad”, sort by Memory, narrowing of Column Visibility, reordering of remaining columns).

How Can I Use It?
The DICE Portal was designed to offer customers a powerful tool that can be customized and conform to their needs. The information gathered from the DICE Portal can be used to expand or optimize an organization’s asset management system. It can be utilized for accounting or marketing information, or to simply check details about a system quickly and reliably. By giving direct access to a vast wealth of knowledge about their purchases, customers can be sure that they will always have the information they need quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Where Can I Learn More?
To learn more about the DICE Portal, an overview video including a demonstration of the portal can be found on YouTube.
Any questions or if you would like more information, you can email us at: sales@nowmicro.com