Effective Imaging using SCCM with ImageConnect

Purchasing imaged devices from vendors can be a hassle.  Often times the images sent to the vendor need to be produced differently from the normal image deployment process, leading to extra work for the IT department.  Additionally, the images the vendor uses are quickly out of date as new updates, drivers, or applications are applied to the image deployment process.  In a typical VAR scenario, a vendor is given a point-in-time snapshot of the image.  These snapshots work great for deploying to new systems, but they become out-of-date in short order.  With ImageConnect, WIMs are no longer shipped manually to the vendor.  We utilize your existing System Center Configuration Manager environment to make sure Now Micro’s production facility always has the most up-to-date version of your image.  Since the devices are deployed in the same way as you would deploy them in house, they are ready to ship directly to the end user.  When utilizing ImageConnect, the I.T. department no longer needs to finish the image deployment process in house by manually joining the domain, encrypting the devices, or running Windows updates.

How does it work:
Now Micro utilizes a persistent VPN connection to your site and provides a virtual machine that will be added as a distribution point in your ConfigMgr environment.  The VPN is used to request ConfigMgr policies and join the domain during imaging.  Additionally, the task sequence content will be distributed to this distribution point so that Now Micro has the latest version of your image.  If the image needs to be updated, simply update the task sequence and distribute any content changes to the Now Micro distribution point in the same way that you do internally.  By utilizing your existing task sequences and content on a live VPN connection, we eliminate the possibility of configuration drift.  Our engineers will work with you to configure the VPN connection and help spin up the distribution point in the Now Micro data center.

ImageConnect - May-02

As a device lifecycle management company, Now Micro is committed to providing solutions like ImageConnect to help resolve pain points around systems management.  From managing existing systems through ConfigMgr, to building custom solutions to help simplify common IT processes, Now Micro’s unique expertise will ensure that your devices are shipped correctly every time.