ConfigMgr and Intune Feedback

It’s a DevOps world, and that means the pace of change is only going to keep accelerating. But what direction is that change going to take? You are the biggest part of that answer.


Feedback Driven Change

The ConfigMgr and Intune teams are laser focused on customer feedback and data to drive decision making. We see evidence of that in every single major release and minor technical preview. Participating in the processes means that you help shape


Product Suggestions

The ConfigMgr and Intune teams use User Voice to collect, prioritize, and report on suggestions for new features and changes to the product. When writing up ideas, clearly describe the problem you are trying to solve and why your change makes things better. Explain the benefit to admins and organizations. Include a mocked up picture of UI changes. The more details you include, the easier it is for the product team to understand the what and why of your suggestion. Try submitting an idea or helping further develop other people’s ideas today:

ConfigMgr User Voice


Intune User Voice


Bug Reports

When you run into something that doesn’t work like it is supposed to, that is when it is time for a Bug Report. Console crashes, client issues, and anything else misbehaving are also prioritized based on customer data. Common and severe issues get the most attention. The product teams look to Support Incidents, Microsoft Connect (ConfigMgr), and User Voice (MS Intune) for this data.  If you run into an issue and have the ability to open a support incident, that is the best way to get information to Microsoft about bugs. The next best way is to file it on Microsoft Connect for ConfigMgr or User Voice for Intune. Refer to this older article for the process of getting set on Microsoft Connect.


Technical Previews

The ConfigMgr product team releases a technical preview every month, which is your opportunity to test drive the changes that Microsoft is working on. You can set up a simple virtual machine to run the technical preview. By giving feedback early on in the development process, you can easily steer the ship in the most effective direction. Give it a try today:


Diagnostics and Usage Data

With ConfigMgr Current Branch, Microsoft collects telemetry data about how people set up and utilize ConfigMgr. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is a game changer for the product team. This means that instead of guessing or just relying on interviews with TAP customers, they finally have a clear picture of what real world ConfigMgr customers look like. If you are sharing just Basic data, then you are helping a little. But, if you want to help a LOT, you can turn up the amount of data that is shared. The more data the team has, the better they can make decisions based on how people actually use the product. For information about what data is shared at different levels, see this page:


I hope that helps!-Nash