How to import boot image drivers from your exiting boot image

Significantly reduce the time needed to create usable boot media and remove one of the bigger barriers to updating the ADK you are using.  Adding the network and storage drivers you need to newly created boot media.

With the new “Current Branch” model of ConfigMgr and Windows 10 we can expect a faster release cycle of the ADK, which means new boot images pretty regularly!   Creating new boot media is really simple.  However, reimporting all of your required drivers into that boot image can be a real chore.  Here is a script that that identifies the drivers in a source boot image and imports them into a destination image.  Give it a spin and give me some feedback. 

Find the script  here 

Usage – 

Copy-FBBootImageDrivers -SiteServer "ABC.Domain.Local" -SiteCode "XXX" -SourceBootImageID "XXX00011" -DestinationBootImages "XXX00012","XXX00013" -Verbose

Part 1 of 3 in a series of driver posts.   

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