Recast 2.5 Release Feature Preview

The Recast 2.5 release is the first release that merges the free and enterprise versions into a single installer.  Previously Recast RCT Free and Recast RCT Enterprise were separate downloads with independent code bases.  Combining them allows us to more efficiently fix bugs and add features to both sets of tools.  To accommodate this, there are significant changes to both Recast RCT Free and Recast RCT Enterprise. View the Recast 2.5 Release Webinar from Sept 12th for an in depth walk through of these updates and new features. 

Recast RCT Architecture
Up until this point, the Recast RCT Enterprise tools have been based on a client / server architecture, while Recast RCT Free ran everything locally.  With the 2.5 release, Recast RCT Enterprise has the option of either running locally or through a Recast Server.  The Recast RCT Free tools will still run locally as they do today.  It’s worth noting that “Run Locally” means something slightly different in this version than it did in Recast RCT Free 2.4.  We’re still using a client / server architecture even when running locally, the difference is that the server is hosted inside of a Right Click Tools Desktop.exe process on your computer.  If running locally, you may see a Right Click Tools Desktop.exe process running even when you have no Recast tools open.

New Features in Both Recast RCT Free and Recast RCT Enterprise

  • Multiselect from within the ConfigMgr console for all right click tools
  • Remove computers from collection tool (the reverse of the Add computers to collection tool)
  • Add / Remove Users from collection tools
  • Install missing software updates tool
  • Refresh updates compliance state tool

Features in Recast RCT Enterprise

  • StateLocker – a method for configuring the Unified Write Filter on Windows 10 Enterprise and Education devices
  • LAPS tool to show local administrator password information on devices. This works from the desktop tools as well as Recast Mobile.



Schedule Wake on LAN.  You can now schedule Wake on LAN packets to be sent at a specific time from Recast RCT Enterprise.

Schedule Wake on LAN

New features in Recast RCT Free (previously enterprise exclusive)

  • Send Unsent State Messages tool
  • State Message Cache Cleanup tool
  • Interactive PowerShell prompt (replaces interactive command prompt)

Additionally, there are numerous polish and bug fixes in the tools. Some of the highlights include:

  • Progress bars now show progress on the taskbar


  • Better WMI quota violation error handling, particularly with tools launched from ConfigMgr deployments
  • More responsive UIs due to less UI thread locking
  • Speed improvements
  • Certificate pinning for Recast RCT Enterprise


13 Replies to “Recast 2.5 Release Feature Preview”

  1. Hi,
    I attended your webinar for 2.5 release yesterday. Is 2.5 available for download yet?

    I tried to download the tools but it appears to still be 2.4 release.


  2. Regarding the Recast RCT free version, what is the purpose of the System Information tab within the “Configure Recast RCT” applet? If you add columns, where do they appear, if at all in the free version?

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