Assigning Content to Now Micro IoT Player

Recently in the Now Micro IoT Player  webinar, we demonstrated the Now Micro IoT Player and how to use it as a drop in replacement for a Google Android or Chrome OS device. Because of the webinar and demo limitations, I wasn’t able to show a couple key processes.

When you first boot up the IoT Player, you will see the following screen:
Here you can enter a pre-defined configuration to immediately pull and display content.

Also illustrated is the simple process to assign a configuration to a player from the Now Micro Portal:

  1. First, select a policy from the list.

Player Config-1

  1. Select Assign Policy from the Actions Menu.

Player Config-2

  1. After confirming your action, the configuration will be sent to the player and content will be displayed in minutes.

Player Config-3

Further information on the Now Micro IoT Player is available as well as on IoT Security