Chromebooks, Chromebooks everywhere!

Chromebooks stored in Now Micro’s warehouse in St. Paul, MN

The 2020-2021 school year has been one of the most innovating and challenging times in educational technology. According to a survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau, 80% of households with school-age children used online resources for distance learning in 2020, so having the right equipment is essential for quality education. Schools, and also businesses, are having to react quickly to procure, customize and distribute technology to their users.  For many districts and universities this is an impossible feat without the support from Now Micro. 

Over the next month, Now Micro will procure, warehouse, customize and distribute more than 30,000 Chromebooks to students and educators. Flexibility in our warehouse and production processes, combined with highly trained technicians,  allow us to produce roughly 1,000 units a day in our Saint Paul, MN facility.

The imaging center at Now Micro

As a Certified Google White Glove service provider, Now Micro manages the enrollment and configuration of Chromebooks on behalf of the schools. This service saves K-12 schools and universities time, money and organizational headaches and allows them to focus on education.

The Now Micro Certified White Glove Services for Chromebooks include:

  • Enrollment of the device to the customer domain
  • Enterprise enrollment and validation
  • Application of network configuration settings
  • Wireless Configuration (Wi-Fi SSID and Pre-shared key)
  • Management Console Training

Now Micro Imaging services:

  • Populate custom fields in the Google Chromebook Management Console with your required data
  • Assign devices to the correct organization unit
  • Utilize Now Micro’s DICE Portal to allow you to see all of your devices combined with purchasing and hardware data in an easy to use, exportable format
Now Micro staff working on Chromebook customization

To learn how Now Micro can help your organization meet its technology needs, visit or contact Marty Linden, Vice President of Sales at