5 reasons laptops are the ultimate solution for hybrid work

When the world pivoted to remote work in 2020, people didn’t simply pack up their office desktop computers and take them home. They asked for laptops—and these slim, powerful PCs have become essential to business productivity in the months since.

In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that laptops are now a must-have for workers in nearly every industry. As we transition into a hybrid of on-site and remote work, it’s worth asking: Why have laptops come out on top? We’ve uncovered five reasons why they’re a perfect fit for modern work.

1. Enjoy mobility, flexibility, and control.

A lightweight, ultra-slim form factor makes it easy to move away from ambient noise, find a more comfortable spot during meetings, or get work done in a small space. When employees need more screen real estate for complex work like spreadsheets or graphics files, they can simply connect their laptops to external monitors or desktop PCs. It’s the best of both worlds.

2. Make notes and share ideas in real-time.

A touchscreen makes workflow faster, with the ability to draw and add notes directly on the screen to communicate thoughts or show revisions. Forget trading multiple emails or creating lists— employees can draw and write on the screen and then capture it with a screenshot. Laptops become tablets with 360-degree hinge designs, making drawing fast and fun.

3. Be more productive—without even trying.

Collaborating, meeting, and accessing Microsoft 365 apps in seconds is easier. With Windows 10 Pro, people get new ways to stay organized and productive, with features like single sign-on (SSO) for remote desktop services, tools like Microsoft Teams for seamless remote collaboration, and whiteboard capabilities that help work flow more smoothly.

4. Streamline remote IT support and management—without changing your processes.

Supporting a hybrid on-site and remote workplace may require changes in how you approach PC management, but when you have laptops equipped with remote management tools, you can quickly make updates and provide support to reduce downtime.

5. Drop-ship fully secure PCs to employees for hands-off IT.

When laptops have built-in security, with protection at multiple levels—below, in, and above the OS—you can feel confident shipping them directly to your employees without needing to install security solutions beforehand.

A sophisticated choice to enhance productivity.

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