Giving Feedback on Microsoft Connect for ConfigMgr 2012

Help Yourself, Help the Community

As a consultant focused on helping organizations be more effective and efficient systems managers, one key principal I teach is to participate in the community. One of the major selling points of ConfigMgr is the community that comes with running a product that manages half of all managed devices on the planet. A key aspect of this community is sharing the most valuable thing a person has to offer: feedback.

During ConfigMgr 2012 engagements, every time I see pain and frustration about the way the product works or with a bug, I work with my customers to help them feel ownership for getting it resolved. If you are feeling pain, it is likely someone else is too, so why not check with the community for a solution?

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Now Micro Achieves VMware Enterprise Partner Status

Now Micro is excited to announce the achievement of reaching VMware Enterprise Partner Status.

VMware solution providers at the Enterprise level are required to help customers design, plan, and deploy sophisticated virtual infrastructures to meet the technical and business needs of customers. Strong technical knowledge, plan and design best practices, and a clear understanding of the technical capabilities of products are essential. Now Micro’s Enterprise level certification demonstrates the extensive expertise in working with VMware technologies by earning the Enterprise Partner status.

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