Borderless Data Center

Today, enterprise IT departments seek to accelerate innovation and time to market by driving unprecedented resilience, agility, and workload consolidation. As more workloads transition into a cloud environment, the server-storage-centric data center approach to enterprise computing will also shift. The graphic above illustrates the evolution of today’s data center to a modern, borderless data center. The borderless data center is a hybrid cloud concept that brings the basic tenants of cloud computing to the brick-and-mortar data center for seamless application operation and paves a path to a cloud future. Disaggregating the traditional physical infrastructure through a cloud-enabled Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) facilitates a software-defined, unified system combining all the elements of a conventional data center: storage, compute, networking, and management into a cloud infrastructure on-premises with lower costs, more control, and improved security.

HCI streamlines operations by consolidating the components of a traditional brick-and-mortar data center into a single system design. Through a comprehensive server and cloud assessment, we can determine how current applications can be ported to a borderless data center design and demonstrate the benefits of integrating your cloud experience with your data center experience. Hybrid cloud products like Azure Stack HCI facilitate a cloud tenancy at the data center level. With Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud running in your data center, applications are entirely borderless. You can run your applications locally, in the cloud, or move to an entirely different cloud provider and fail-over to another data center in your organization. True flexibility provides a single standard for programming, backup, application support, and management. 

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