At Now Micro, we thrive on the importance of today, guided by our core belief that "Because Now Matters". Our commitment is centered on providing tailored and off-the-shelf solutions encompassing hardware, software, and services.


Now Micro is your one-stop technology partner dedicated to simplifying IT infrastructure and ensuring your critical systems stay up and running. Our comprehensive services empower you to enhance your IT environment at every level—from hardware and software to cloud and infrastructure. We provide tailored solutions that help you overcome challenges, optimize performance, and harness emerging tech.

As a responsive and innovative team of collaborators and problem solvers, we prioritize understanding customers' needs to deliver solutions that exceed expectations. We adapt swiftly to address challenges, creatively leveraging our expertise to tackle any situation. We build open, lasting partnerships through transparency and communication. "Because Now Matters" is our driving philosophy.

Our Core Values

Now Micro embraces adaptability, innovation, integrity, and teamwork to create environments for shared success. We leverage our resources and expertise to ensure timely, thoughtful solutions that go beyond expectations. As a customer-focused, forward-thinking team, we methodically approach each unique challenge with an open and optimistic mindset, introducing new solutions and building strong relationships along the way.





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